Chakroi Mega Fruit Plant Nursery to increase output of orchards in J&K

A mega fruit plant nursery at Chakroi in RS Pura was inaugurated in Jammu and Kashmir by the Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha in January 2023. The nursery was established to provide huge benefits and technologies to the farmers to make sub-tropical fruit cultivation a multi-faceted business by increasing efficiency of orchards. The farmers used to get plants from outside. Now they will get good quality plants along with a subsidy from the horticulture department. The Mega Fruit Plant Nursery houses 50 different Blocks for growing mother plants of different fruits including citrus fruits. Spanning over more than 800 Kanal area, the Mega Fruit plant nursery will grow and provide saplings of guava, mango, litchi, other citrus fruits and also of the Dragon fruit. For the hot climate, the department has prepared a variety of apples which the farmers can grow in Jammu as well. It is a dry area and the mega fruit plant nursery at Chakroi can guide the farmers on how best to make use of the dry area to grow horticulture plants. Now with this centre here like in Punjab and Haryana, farmers in Jammu should come to the Horticulture Department, get the training and then start their cultivation. This will help the agriculture community to progress here. The mega fruit plant nursery will focus on a strong agricultural marketing ecosystem that will increase the farm income and reduce the value loss. It aims to cover the entire value chain including inputs, harvesting, processing, packing, storage, besides meeting the need of quality planting material, etc. and developing infrastructure and other facilities while taking climatic conditions into consideration. About 29 projects have been approved for Holistic Development of Agriculture & Allied sectors and are being implemented. The government is focussing on the agriculture and allied sectors to build a better future for the farmers. The plan worth Rs 5013 crores will bring significant change in the lives of around 13 lakh farming families of J&K including 2.62 lakh small and marginal farming families.

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